No Sweat Consult

Have you ever…

Have you ever walked into a CrossFit gym, or checked out a CrossFit box and thought to yourself:

1) "This place looks great, and the people seem awesome but I'm not sure if I'm ready for CrossFit"... or

2) "I don't know what half of the movements are! Push press, snatch, clean... ugh!!"... or

3) "Will CrossFit hurt me? My friend said it's like '3-2-1 everybody lose their mind!"... or

4) "I think I better start working out before I start something like this." ???

If you said "YES" to any of the above, our On Ramp program is for YOU. Before we get to that, however, we set you up with our No Sweat Consult.

Here, we get to know you, we get to know your goals, and we develop a plan together to help you best to conquer your goals - and the program that's right for you!

Once we've completed your No Sweat Consult, we want to spend time working on form for the common movements used in CrossFit and show you what our strength and conditioning program is all about.

The On Ramp program is set up as five 30-minute sessions, where you will work 1 on 1 with our coaches. We will guide you through movements, etiquette within our gym, and provide some nutritional pointers. After your On-Ramp is complete, we set you up on the next step of your fitness journey. Some people like to repeat the On-Ramp, and that's an option! Our intention is that you finish the On-Ramp feeling successful, and prepared for the group setting.